Vacations & Delegation Process.

With an easy to use vacations and delegation system, Cflow simplifies the process keeping people notified of your vacations and to ensure the work is being carried out.

user delegation

The authorized person can choose to assign the work to a different person if the assigned employee is on vacation for a longer period of time. On the same lines, any team member can choose to delegate to a fellow teammate in their absence.

The Cflow vacations and delegation system is transparent keeping everyone involved in the task informed of the activities of others. It creates a wholesome work atmosphere allowing your employees to go on vacation when required but without compromising on their deliverance. The top-level authorities get the advantage of being notified of absent employees and delegate the task to the next person ensuring smooth workflow throughout the year.

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Link Multiple Processes

A good workflow automation program should always help multiple departments to handle processes together.


SLAs and Escalations

SLA (Service Level Agreements) and escalations are deployed in the first place to ensure your employees deliver.


Email Notifications

Getting notified as and when it happens is essential. Notification that comes very late to your attention isn’t valuable.


Encryption & Security

We offer best-in-class security that gives the highest level of reliability & protection to data!


Visual Workflow Builder

The world of technology changed with GUI and with Cflow we aim to make a workflow.


Sophisticated Rules Engine

Cflow is a customizable platform and when we say “customization” we really mean it!

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