Cflow – Workflow Software.

Workflow automation is key to success as a lot of popular brands around the world have already adopted it and witnessing the difference it makes. With Cflow, we help bridge the communication gap between different departments in your organization like FinanceHRAdmin, and IT Operations. When you automate the processes, an invoicecustomer onboarding or a leave request sequentially escalate up until the final approval. An intuitive UI combined with timely e-mail notifications allows your employees to stay in touch with automated workflows, do the needful actions to complete mundane tasks easily, and ensures your workforce stays focused on the bigger goals.

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Trusted by 20,000+ users

Trusted and loved by customers across the globe, Cflow is the preferred workflow management platform for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

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Why Choose Cflow?

Not A Code Savvy?


Easy, GUI allows you to create workflows with no coding.


2 Minutes Workflow


Start automating your workflows in just 2 minutes.

Design Your Reports


Choose from range of criteria to create reports & analytics.


Custom Workflows


Get unlimited customization and accelerate your workflow.


Your Business and Cflow

Answer to Your Everyday Problems

Running an office is no easy task in today’s world, be it big or small because managers and team leaders often end up with growing notifications, emails waiting for their approvals, and piling files to be looked into. Cflow simplifies everything by streamlining the processes, providing timely notifications, and keeping the respective team members in the loop to avoid delays.


Do What You Do, But in a Better Way

When you switch over to Cflow, you will still be handling everyday tasks like employee onboarding, HR management, forwarding invoice, and approving subordinate requests. But, the seamlessness of the platform allows you to automate approvals, create one-touch rules for onboarding new hires and create a workflow for every scenario saving your precious time. It’s still what you do already but Cflow lets you do it in a better way.

Completely Paperless Solutions

In a fully digitalized world everything is stored in the cloud and available in electronic format, it’s time to go paperless, and get rid of maintaining manual records. Cflow is equipped with a dedicated document management process to scan, store and manage them online. You get access to your important documents and get make use of e-signatures to sign them digitally. Speeds up the workflow and avoids possible delays.


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