SLAs & Escalations.

SLA (Service Level Agreements) and escalations are deployed in the first place to ensure your employees deliver what is expected of them in a timely manner. 

sla and escalations

Instead of doing them manually, you can set specific SLAs for specific job roles, and tasks and assign a timeline using the Cflow workflow management platform. The automated processes make it simple and deliver the set of instructions to all employees in the same class, encouraging them to deliver their tasks.

Create criteria and rules, and every process you create will find its place with a person in your team. When they exceed the provided time limit, it’s automatically escalated and brought to the manager’s notice. The employee receives a notification as well. Managers can choose to assign overdue notifications every day, every week, or periodically. The authorized person can choose to notify or assign it to a different employee to make sure the work that’s overdue doesn’t affect the overall business process.

Supercharge your process flows with Cflow


Sophisticated Rules Engine

Cflow is a customizable platform and when we say “customization” we really mean it!


Encryption & Security

We offer best-in-class security that gives the highest level of reliability & protection to data!


Email Notifications

Getting notified as and when it happens is essential for every process flows.


Link Multiple Processes

A good workflow automation program should always help multiple departments to handle processes together.


Visual Workflow Builder

The world of technology changed with GUI (Graphical User Interface) and with Cflow we aim to make workflows.


Auto Approvals

Have you ever come across a situation when a work process got delayed due to a missed approval?

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