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Trusted and loved by customers across the globe, Cflow is the preferred workflow management platform for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

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Cloud Workflow Software

Streamlining Business Workflows 

Cloud-based business process management effectively streamlines the operations of any organization, be it big or small to bring the best efficiency out of their available resources. While a lot of companies immediately focus on making more investments and expanding their operations, what they actually need is the ability to better use available resources and investing in a powerful BPM tool.

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What is Cloud BPM Workflow Software?

Instead of giving boring, long descriptions, this is a simplified version of what you should know about Cloud BPM workflow management software and what it does.

“A cloud BPM workflow software allows you to automate your processes, connects your employees on a unified platform and improves work processes by ushering in the power of the cloud, allowing everyone to stay connected at all times, in every device”

Compared to a traditional workflow automation program that is largely dependent on local servers and computers in an organization, cloud solutions harness the power of the internet and the era of powerful smartphones facilitating your employees to get everything done on the go.

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Bring Revolutionary Changes to your Business with Cloud-based BPM

This is how Cflow, a cloud-based BPM can revolutionize your business.

Why Should BPM Workflow System Be Cloud-Based?

When the term Cloud is mentioned, it often refers to the internet and a system of connected resources. Cloud-based BPM allows your team to stay connected, share files easily, send requests for approval and complete tasks on time. The software also keeps track of work completed making it easier to assess analytics and reports whenever needed to improve overall efficiency.

Advantages of Cloud BPM Software

The advantages of using cloud BPM software are many. Ranging from

Cloud-Based vs Server-Based Workflow: Comparison Table

Cloud-Based BPM Workflow Software Server-Based BPM Workflow Software
Files are accessible on the go Files can be accessed only in your office
High level of reliability Copies of the files are stored only in one location
Cheaper to maintain Server maintenance costs could go higher
Easy to expand, highly scalable Requires increased investment and space
Coding and management is done by remote admins Require local admin to handle software and data management

Does my Company Need Workflow Automation?

Yes, your company needs workflow automation because the IT industry and every other sector are moving towards a digital era where paperless documents and digitized hierarchy is common. A cloud-based BPM helps your company attain its yearly goals, keep employees motivated and contribute to effective use of every investment made so far.

How Much Does Cloud BPM Workflow Software Cost?

A cloud-based workflow program is an affordable choice for every type of company, be it a startup, a mid-ranged organization or an enterprise with thousands of employee, there’s always a package designed to match your budget.

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Pricing and Features – The Cflow Advantage

Customers are our top priority and Cflow is highly competitive workflow automation software filled with the best features and is being offered in a range of package bundles to choose from.

Cflow is the market leader when it comes to balancing the best of both worlds. Some workflow providers are primarily for business users who ask for limited functionalities while others focuses on enterprise-grade functionality leading to variable costs. Cflow’s workflow software is a perfect balance of features and pricing that we have built a customer base because of our versatile approach to offering features our clients want.

Check out our pricing page to know more about the bundles we offer.

For starters, you can always sign up as a free user and experience the difference Cflow’s cloud-based BPM workflow software makes. Upgrade to a different plan anytime to get improved workflow features and dedicated customer support.

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