Centralize procurement Processes.

Quotation management

Accelerate your quotation management with our workflow program. Incorporate your own quote, add discounts and rules before sending them for bidding. The unified platform allows all your team members to work together and make valuable suggestions.

cloud purchase order system

Purchase request process

The various steps involved in a purchase request process right from placing an order for office supplies or software to acquiring vendor quotes and manager approval can be handled through Cflow.

Purchase receipt

Once a purchase is successfully completed, create and store the purchase receipt. Easy availability makes it possible to review receipts and compare quotes in future, keep track of trusted vendors and billing management.

procurement process management
cloud purchase order system

Purchase Orders

Review and approve purchase orders on the go with Cflow. Validate the purchase order data against purchase requisition data and approve purchase orders instantly. The mobile procurement platform allows anywhere, anytime review and approval of POs.

Goods Receipt

Issuance of goods received notes can be done automatically with Cflow. Once the goods received from the supplier are inspected for quality, the goods received note is automatically issued so that subsequent invoice requests can be placed.

procurement process management

Issue Requests and Returns

Once goods are inspected the request for payment or return of goods can be automated by Cflow. A payment invoice is raised when PO terms and conditions and quality standards are. When goods do not meet expected quality, then a return request is issued.

Inventory Management

Plan logistics and optimize inventory of the procurement process with Cflow. Distributors can add, edit, delete and transfer inventory in real-time with automated inventory systems. Automated inventory management also syncs order and inventory data in real-time.

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Invoices & Payments

Approval of supplier invoices and payments in a jiffy with Cflow. Creation, validation, the definition of exceptions, routing approvals, and payment approvals – all these processes can be effectively automated. Cflow eliminates fraud and duplication from invoice approvals.

Vendor & Supplier Management

All the tasks in vendor management, like choosing vendors, contract negotiation, cost control, mitigating vendor risks, etc. can be automated in Cflow. Effective vendor and supplier management help build strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

vendor management workflow
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Product Management

Streamline product management by automating the procurement function with Cflow. On-time procurement of good quality raw materials for product development is made possible by automating key procurement tasks. Standardized inspections and approvals with Cflow.

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