Cflow is joining hands with health care organizations and non-profits to fight Covid

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Cflow’s Prompt Action to Fight Covid Pandemic

The entire world is in the midst of the Covid pandemic. Many countries around the world are under an intermittent lockdown and today, the internet is the most trusted means of communication for working professionals and individuals.

Working from Home has become the new normal. While this is not too difficult to adapt in IT organizations, a number of other organizations have had a rapid learning curve in adjusting to remote working.

Collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams have seen 40% increase in usage during the last month. Each of these tools solves a specific problem and helps the organization make important decisions.

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So, how does Cflow help in getting organizations to work productively during a pandemic? Cflow is the workflow platform that keeps work flowing across an organization irrespective of where the employees are located. For example, a HR executive submitting a personnel requisition request to be reviewed by the relevant stakeholders or a Check Payment request that needs urgent approval from the CFO and CEO can be expedited via Cflow automatically. Cflow keeps everyone on the same page and contributes across multiple departments. You can also set up notifications to your suppliers and vendors on delays due to the changing situation.

You no longer have to rely on phone calls or send follow-up emails to know the status of various tasks assigned to your remote workforce. Yes, there is a workflow for workers to fill in a simple timesheet so that you know the status of your projects at all points in time.

In these chaotic times, it is more important now than ever for every organization to contribute and do their bit for a cause. We understand that most of the organizations are not prepared for a situation, especially a pandemic.

We understand what many SMBs will be going through and would like to extend our support in multiple ways to fight Covid. We have rolled out a 50% OFF on all our pricing plans for new customers so that they don’t have a huge investment to make on workflow automation software at this critical time.

Lending a Helping Hand to Healthcare Organizations and NGOs

Cavintek, the team behind Cflow, SkillRobo, and CavinHR, to contribute to the world for a good cause, has made the workflow automation software, employee skill assessment software, and HR automation software, available for free, for a limited period to all NGOs and Healthcare organizations fighting Covid-19.

We have created and deployed ready-to-use workflow templates that can be used by people working in healthcare and non-profit organizations that are working round the clock in different parts of the world. The workflow templates can be used for routing materials such as masks, vents, and PPEs from different parts of the world as part of the procurement process. The data collection and assimilation regarding tests conducted and related contact tracing can be automated using a custom workflow that can be created using our Concierge team for free.

End-to-end workflow automation

Build fully-customizable, no code process workflows in a jiffy.

Amid Covid curtailing measures across the globe, social distancing is considered the most prominent and widely accepted disease prevention method. Because of this situation, people working in healthcare facilities and NGOs delivering medical supplies, and food to various individuals are not supposed to come in close contact with one another.

Besides, it has also been noted that to stop the spread of the virus, individuals should not work in groups and always maintain a safe distance.

With access to add as many users as required and create their workflow templates, it makes it easier to manage tasks, procure products, and provide instructions.

With major brands like Microsoft, Google, and others providing access to their collaborative software programs to enable work-from-home options, it is a humbling moment for Cflow to be part of this initiative.

The idea is to help millions of healthcare workers around the globe who are actively fighting Covid and to promote better software infrastructure that could help those in need to receive essentials on time.

The implementation also promotes social distancing as communication can be handled automatically via Cflow.

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